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Welcome to The Kundalini Connection! This course includes everything you need to stay inspired and connected to your daily practice and support to help guide you through the waves of life. Lessons are added weekly to keep you blossoming and to keep the energy flowing. Choose one of the membership plus coaching packages for one on one support through challenging times, life transformation, psychedelic integration or simply for some YOU time carved out to unravel and be heard in a compassionate space of acceptance.

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About this Course

  • $33.00 / month
  • 36 lessons
  • 9.5 hours of video content

Pricing options

Pay as you go or commit long term to your practice! Join The Kundalini Connection program and community a la carte or pair with one on one coaching guidance.

Coaching Guidance with Malia 'Lia Light'

Allow me to support you in transforming the way you work, feel and perceive life and empower you to live the way you have always wanted to.

  • Embark on the most intimate journey of deeply getting to know yourself and develop habits and rituals that will nourish your entire being.

  • Learn how to connect with your true nature through mind, body and spirit,  balance your polarities, set your outer space to reflect your inner space and become your most present, vibrant self.

  • Malia is a registered Yoga Alliance instructor, holds a certificate from the Yoga Psychology program by Ashley Turner, LMFT and is a certified psycho-spiritual transformation & psychedelic integration coach through Being True To You. ​

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